July 2007 - Evangel Assembly


July 2007 - Evangel Assembly


ProSonics designed, supplied, and installed a new speaker system for Evangel Assembly in Fredericton NB. The system consisted of EAW Commercial VR-21 12" 2-way enclosures, plus a VRS-18 subwoofer. Digital signal processing utilized QSC DSP-3 units, and amplification was by Samson S-series power amplifiers. The system was modelled using EASE prior to installation, and revealed that a conventional L-R centre cluster array would produce a noticeable dead-zone down the middle of each seating area due to acoustical reflections and cancellations. As a result, the system design was redone as a front-rear mono system, with the front cluster being one EAW VR-21 suspended inverted (i.e. horn down) underneath the VRS-18 subwoofer, with a second EAW VR-21 placed inverted approximately 2/3 of the distance towards the rear of the congregation area to provide rear-fill and direct coverage to the sound booth area.

The speaker rigging was custom designed and fabricated on-site to suit the specific geometry required to aim the speakers as determined in the EASE model. System processor parameters were roughed-in per the EASE model and EAW manufacturer recommendations, then were field tuned utilizing SIA SmaartLive as a real-time analyzer. System crossover points, equalization, level balancing, and time delay were all measured and configured on-site.

Says Pastor Harlyn Purdy about the project "Each Sunday we enjoy the product of your careful efforts to install an excellent sound system. Not only was the installation done with the kind of care that love alone can produce, it was installed with the highest level of professionalism. I wish you could be here to personally enjoy the numerous positive comments about the sound quality and even volume."

Also installed was a new NEC LT-280 LCD projector to facilitate multimedia presentations.