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ProSonics offers acoustical measurement and design services. From measuring and characterizing the noise floor of your studio (or recording system), measuring the acoustical parameters of your room or system, and designing acoustical treatments and sound-proofing, call ProSonics for the best in results.

Auralex has changed their distribution model for Canada, and as a result, ProSonics can now offer lower pricing on the entire Auralex product line. Auralex is made in the USA, and with the fluctuating exchange rate, ProSonics web-prices Auralex in US dollars.

The most popular Auralex products are:

$39.95 per set (each set isolates 1 pair of speakers)

$59.95 each (each GRAMMA isolates one amp or floor wedge)

$59.95 each (each SubDude isolates one subwoofer)

Aural Expanders
$69.95 per set (each set contains 1X 14" Xpander baffle, 2X 8" TriXpander baffles, 4X6" TrapXpander baffles, and 6X PlatFeet structural resonance interrupters for mic stands).

Call us for special project pricing on all Auralex products!

Sound Seal
Industrial and OEM acoustical products, mainly fibreglass based.
Acco Acoustic Panels
For the best in theatre and conference room aesthetics, Acco Acoustic Panels are an excellent choice.
Acoustical foam products for architectural applications. Excellent fire and smoke ratings. Easy installation. Excellent acoustical properties per square foot. See it in some of the best studios!

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