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ProSonics offers complete pro audio system design, analysis, and setup services. ProSonics can measure and tune your existing sound system, including time-alignment, equalization, system and microphone frequency response. Call us for more information.
Click the links below to check out many of our manufacturer's websites for full product catalogue and equipment technical specs.

ProSonics wants to be the largest MiPro dealer in the country!

To help achieve that lofty goal, ProSonics is offering the MiPro MA101 portable PA system at a great price. This compact 27W portable PA is great for small meeting rooms, conferences,and lectures rooms. The MA101A includes a multi-frequency UHF wireless microphone receiver, while the MA101C includes a cabled microphone. Get the MA101 unit as a package including storage case, speaker stand and microphone stand for a fantastic price. Get the MA101A (wireless version) with the MiPro ACT707HE handheld microphone for (PRICE CHANGE!)$699.80 or the basic MA101C package for (PRICE CHANGE!) $299.99.

For the Professional wireless user, check out the MiPro analog ACT 707D with two ACT 707HM handheld microphones. This system can allow up to 32 simultaneous wireless frequencies to be used in the same venue. Remote PC monitoring and control options are available. The ACT 707D 100 frequency UHF dual receiver system usually sells for $1681.20. ProSonics has one left of our promotional stock at $999.95. Once it's gone, this system will sell for $1249.95. That's still a savings of over $400! Package includes the ACT 707D dual receiver, and two ACT 707HM handheld microphones with MD-20 mic clips. Front-mount antenna cable kits are available for rack mounting, or you can get the ACT 707T beltpack transmitter with your choice of headset or lavalier microphones or guitar cable adaptor. For you electric guitar players and singers, imagine having one receiver unit that gets your vocal and your guitar both wireless! The ACT 707D has independent outputs for the two receivers. It's two less antennas, less cabling to your console, and one less thing you need to hook up at your next gig!

ProSonics is on the way to becoming the largest MiPro dealer in the country, so take advantage of the great deals that our volume business can deliver!

QSC Power amplifiers - The sale price of 15% off list for all QSC amplifiers continues! Take advantage of it while you can!

For all products, shipping is extra to all prices mentioned. An administration fee may also be added for credit card payments.

Some of the best broadcast quality cable around.
Mic and instrument stands and accessories. The best in the business.

Excellent passive and active DI's, distribution boxes & snakes, and a great custom shop.

Analog system processors second to none.
Tired of analog crossovers and graphic EQ's? Checkout Symnet Cobra Digital System Processors!

One of the best known names for microphones in the world.

Equipment racks and accessories for your storage and organisation needs.

We believe EAW is the best speaker manufacturer around. We offer a written performance guarantee for new systems, and custom enclosures are available. The Pope only speaks through EAW!

Great products for home or commercial audio and video distribution.

Small and large format mix consoles. Powered and passive loudspeakers. Digital live and studio consoles.

Power amplifiers and loudspeakers for professionals- cinema, live sound, and touring. We've never seen one of their amplifiers die yet!
Pro Audio and video cables, snakes, and custom assemblies. ProSonics stocks Digiflex mic cables.

Power quality and rack lighting products.

Great-sounding, cost-effective wireless mics and personal monitors. MiPro designs and manufactures the wireless transmitters and
receivers for Beyerdynamic wireless systems.

Great products for home or commercial audio and video distribution.

Handheld and PC based acoustical measurement and analysis tools.

Broadcast and studio mics. These mics perform equal to or better than Neumann & AKG at a fraction of the costs. We'll even trade you a new mic for your old or damaged Neumann's or AKGs! Demo available! Price list includes cross-reference to popular Neumann and AKG mics.

innovative audio electronics manufacturer specializing in interface accessories, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources

Professional loudspeakers

1395 Paquette Street, Sudbury - Phone/Fax: (705) 566-6916

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