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ProSonics designed, supplied, and installed installed a Digiflex main analog snake, QSC ISA power amp for monitors, QSC DSP-3 digital signal processors for monitor and main EQ, as well as signal mixing EQ and time delay for perimeter speakers in the foyer and cry room. All signal chains have limiters configured to reduce the risk of speaker driver damage from overload. Main speakers are EAW Commercial VR-21. The sound system performance was modelled using EASE to verify the correct mounting locations and parameters for the speakers, as well as to model the room coverage and sound pressure levels (SPL) across the room. The system is configured as a L-R stereo system, with perimeter speakers being a mono sum of the L and R signals. The system set-up and equalization were performed on-site by ProSonics using SIA SmaartLive real-time analyser
The church's existing mixer, Samson Servo 120 power amplifier, and Galaxy hot spot monitors were re-used. Also re-installed were the church's two Mipro ACT 707SE wireless receivers. All but the mixer was supplied by ProSonics. Says Pastor Darrell Scheepers "I am absolutely impressed by the performance of our Mipro UHF wireless mics. They have unbelievable battery life, and excellent sound quality".
For multimedia projection, a NEC LT-280 LCD projector was installed. The Markstay church also purchased a Mackie portable sound system (see our current pro audio promotions) for use in the lower fellowship hall.


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