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Many churches perform baptisms. These baptisms take different forms, some sprinkle water, while others involve full immersion. But, all include water. The Canadian Electrical Code and the National Electrical Code both require that when microphones are used in proximity to a baptismal font that an isolation transformer is mandatory. See Rule 68-062(3), with clarifying notes in Appendix B of the Canadian Electrical Code. This area is one of the very few where the electrical codes impact on sound system design and installation. ProSonics' experience is that very few church sound systems comply with this electrical code requirement.
In 2005, a pastor was killed during a baptismal service when he was electrocuted by a microphone.

This link will open a copy of the CNN news report on the incident.

Why are microphones so dangerous? It's not actually the microphone, but rather that they are now often connected to a mix console that provides "Phantom Power" to the microphone. Most consoles provide 48V DC on the mic cable to the microphone, and while it is normally current limited, only a few milliamps are required to kill. This is easily delivered by all phantom power systems.
So, how can a church protect people when using a microphone to be heard is almost impossible to avoid?
Wireless microphones are one option. 9V batteries or AA batteries are not able to deliver sufficient current to be dangerous. The other option, and the one envisioned in the electrical codes, is the use of a mic isolator.
A microphone isolator is a device designed to block the phantom power from getting to the microphone, while still allowing the mic to work. A note that must be made is that condenser mics, without an internal battery will NOT work - the phantom power will not get to the mic.
ProSonics is now manufacturing a portable in-line mic isolator. This device will allow any mic jack to be made electrical code compliant, eliminating the need to dedicate a specific jack to be used for baptisms. The mic isolator matches impedances, is low-loss and has a flat frequency response, providing compatibility with all balanced low-impedance microphones.
ProSonics offers the "B-Isolator" for $89.95. Make your church sound system electrical code compliant, and increase the safety around your baptisms. Contact us to order yours today!

July 01, 2008
- When microphones are used in proximity to a baptismal font that an isolation transformer is mandatory.
December 01, 2007
- Called to commission a new sound system for Markstay Pentecostal Church.
November 13, 2007
- called to investigate poor sound quality from the Sudbury Arena.
July 20, 2007
- ProSonics used the SIA SmaartLive acoustical measurement and analysis tool.
April 21, 2007
- Symetrix Zone Mix 760 Multimedia DSP Mixer.
February, 2007
- launched our debut web site.












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